Education & Emotional Development

The objective of this committee is to be an additional support between parents and the school, in respect to educational and emotional development issues, taking into consideration what is defined by the school versus parents’ expectations and perceptions.

This committee aims to:

  • Promote lectures on the school’s PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) program, Pastoral Care, Bullying, School’s Behavior Management Policy, ENEM and Vestibular (Brazilian University entry examinations) issues among others.
  • Support the anti-bullying policy.
  • Suggest new toys, games and activities that promote integration and cooperation between pupils at break time.
  • Promote partnership between students, parents and the school in any area of school life.


The objectives of the Education and Emotional Development Committee of the Barra unit for 2016 are:

- To bring closer together school and parents in topics related to education and emotional development, aiming to improve children’s learning and welfare.
- To establish a forum through which parents can communicate their opinions and concerns regarding the school, to identify issues and possibly work towards a solution.
- To establish a forum through which parents can exchange information in relation to education/welfare of children.
- To represent the views of parents in relation to education.
- To inform parents of current changes in the education system, if needed.
- To appoint the need for/influence policy development at school level.

Head: Selnise Meth

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